Because it is the Staff Association that will promote and safeguard your rights and interests as an OAS employee. It will support, promote, and defend employee compensation and benefits, career development, working conditions, and the general welfare of staff members and their families.

Fully contributing members are those members of the Staff Association who pay their monthly dues based on the formula set by the Staff Committee, which is presently $4.00 for every $1,000.00 earned of basic salary. Only fully contributing members may access those services that the office of the Staff Association administers on their behalf and that otherwise involve the time and effort of the administrative assistant. At present those services are defined as the following:

Loyalty Benefit:

The Loyalty Benefit is a financial grant established by the Staff Association with the objective of relieving the families of contributing staff members(*) of expenses incurred due to the death of a contributing staff member. The Staff Association will grant $5,000 to the beneficiary indicated by the contributing staff member.

We invite you to fill out the Contributing Member Form and send it to our offices at Suite 622, General Secretariat Building, 1889 F St., NW, Washington, D.C. If you have comments or questions, please call us at (202) 370-4645 or send an e-mail to staffadmin@oas.org

(*) In order to register for this benefit, staff members must be contributing to the Staff Association according to their present grade and step. Please take note that this is NOT an additional deduction to your contribution as a member. 

Interior Department Recreation Area (IDRA) gym:

An affordable and convenient way to exercise, available for just $ 33.00 per month, and located in the Department of the Interior Building (1849 C St. N.W.)

To join, call (202) 370-4645 or send an e-mail to staffadmin@oas.org
Interior Department Recreation Association: http://www.interiorrec.org/fitness.htm

DC Capital Bikeshare Membership:  

The Staff Association offers annual memberships for $50. Once you're a member, you will get the first 30 minutes of each trip free and pay an additional fee for every 30 minute period thereafter. For more information send an e-mail to staffadmin@oas.org


Discounted Tickets with TICKETS AT WORK

TAW LOGOThis new partnership will allow Contributing Members to the Staff Association access to exclusive savings on movie tickets, hotels, theme parks, Broadway Shows and more.

Health Insurance for domestic employees:

An affordable plan with Atlas Insurance covering domestic employees (G-5 or A-III visas).
Or contact us at (202) 370-4645 or send an e-mail to staffadmin@oas.org

Leo S. Rowe Pan American Fund:

The Leo S. Rowe Pan American Fund (henceforth “the Rowe Fund”) is a rotating trust fund established for providing supplemental loans to competent individuals from Latin America or Caribbean countries to study in accredited universities in the United States. 

The Rowe Fund also awards loans to staff of the OAS General Secretariat and/or their dependents to pursue studies or for emergencies.

In order to facilitate access of GS/OAS staff members who are dues paying members of the OAS Staff Association to loans from the Rowe Fund, the OAS Staff Association has set up a special loan guaranty account.

The Rowe Fund was established by the Pan American Union (precursor of the Organization of American States) in 1948 in compliance with the will of Dr. Leo Stanton Rowe, who was Director General of the Pan American Union from 1920 to 1946. During his 25 years as Director General, he demonstrated special interest in the education of Latin American youth, whom he assisted during his lifetime, and to whom he bequeathed a legacy in his will.  He was also known for recognizing the achievements of colleagues, inspiring them, and improving their performance on behalf of the Organization and, ultimately, the Americas.


For more information Click here


How to apply: 

  1. Fill out the application form (click here to download)

  2. Submit a memo addressed to the Rowe Fund Committee

  3. Include a copy of the latest invoice from the university

  4. OAS Staff Association must guaranty the loan and only full contributors to the Staff    Association and GS/OAS staff members may apply

For more information, please contact the Rowe Fund personnel at: rowefund@oas.org or 202-458-6208.

United Buying Service (UBS):

United Buying Service (UBS) ha ayudado a personas del área de Washington a obtener los precios prenegociados más bajos en vehículos nuevos por casi cuarenta años.  UBS trabaja con alrededor de 100 concesionarios para asistirle en la compra del carro, camión o SUV de sus sueños.

Para empezar, lo único que usted tiene que hacer es llamar a UBS al (301) 657-1920 y hablar con un Asesor para saber a dónde debe dirigirse para obtener el ahorro y servicio de UBS.

El libro de precios oficial de UBS que muestra los ahorros prenegociados está disponible en las oficinas de la Asociación del Personal (GSB 622).  Cupones e incentivos del fabricante contribuirán aún más al bajo precio de UBS, cuando haya disponibilidad de los mismos.

Los representantes de UBS también pueden valorar su “trade-in” y ayudarlo  con la compra de un vehículo usado.

Si tiene alguna duda sobre el programa, por favor comuníquese con el Sr. John Stonesifer al (301) 657-1920.Por cierto, UBS cuenta con una sala de exhibiciones de muebles en Baltimore y también le ofrece excelentes precios.

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Staff Association members may also benefit from:

A legal defense fund, made up of donations by fellow staff members, for employees with grievance cases. Participation in joint committees and working groups, such as the selection and nominating committees, and working groups to study parking guidelines, and health insurance policies, among others.