The Staff Association is the body that represents the interests of all OAS staff members. It supports, promotes, and defends employee compensation and benefits, career development, working conditions, and the general welfare of staff members and their families.

 Staff Association and Staff Committee

(a) In accordance with the provisions of Article 53 of the General Standards, and to maintain constant contact between the staff and the Secretary General, there shall be a Staff Association, whose members shall be the staff members of the General Secretariat. The executive organ of the Association shall be the Staff Committee, which may make proposals and discuss them with the Secretary General or with the representative whom he designates on all matters that are of common interest to the staff or that affect their present or future welfare, including their working conditions.

(b) In the membership of the Staff Committee, the several categories of staff covered in the classification table should be equitably represented. The Staff Committee shall be elected in accordance with the rules of the Association, adopted by the latter and approved by the Secretary General. 

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